Parent Information

Welcome to the Bowmen Family!

Program Overview
Please refer to the Player/Parent Handbook for an overview of the program and a summary of player and parent expectations.

You will receive information about the football program through three main avenues:
  • Coaches will communicate primarily through the players.  Players are expected to pay attention and relay accurate information in a timely manner. 
  • Team Parents will share important supplemental information through email.  The contact information you give at the beginning of each season will be used to build email lists.  Be sure to contact your Team Parent with any additions or changes.
  • This website will be updated regularly and kept as current as possible.  Schedules can change very quickly, though, so if there is a conflict of information, rely on the communication from your player.
All supplemental documents, letters, schedules, handouts, fliers, etc., will be posted on the Documents page.

Parent Responsibilities

In order to have a successful and enjoyable season, we rely on each family to fulfill certain responsibilities.  The responsibilities are by grade, not play-level (JV, Varsity, etc.).  The general responsibilities include:
  • ALL grades
    • Help with Red/White event (scrimmage, concessions, clean-up, etc.)
  • Freshman and Sophomores
    • Work Varsity home game concessions (thru playoffs)
  • Juniors
    • Coordinate Red/White scrimmage event; help with Team Dinners
  • Seniors
    • Coordinate Team Dinners
In addition, the team parents will collect a $20 contribution per player ($10 for coach gift; $10 for Booster Club auction gift).  Thank you for your continued support!


By late August, each freshman and sophomore family will be given their concessions shift assignments.  You may trade nights with another family, or find a replacement (18yrs. or older), but please let your team parent know about the change.  The current concessions schedule will be posted in the Documents section, and filed under 'Concessions'.


A football program is expensive to operate and maintain due to the high costs associated with equipment, uniforms, etc.  The main Bowmen football fundraisers include: Bowmen Card sales, the Player Sponsor program, Sherwood Youth Football Camps, and home game concessions.  Bowmen families are expected to participate in these fundraisers.  Please refer to the Fundraising page for more details.

Summer Activities
  • Linfield Team Camp: A team camp located on the Linfield College campus in McMinnville, OR.  The camp stresses team development as well as individual skills.  It is run by the current Wildcat coaching staff as well as former players and coaches. 
  • Weight Room Workouts: The Sherwood High School weight room is typically available 4 days of the week.  Players are divided into 3 groups: Backs, Line, and Freshman.  Each group lifts during their assigned time slot.
  • Conditioning Workouts: Generally involve running, conditioning drills and plyometrics. Wear shorts, t-shirts and cleats/tennis shoes; bring water.  Typically not for Freshman.
  • Les Schwab Bowl: Advertised as a North vs. South All-Star game showcasing the best 6A/5A talent in the state.  Selected players are graduating Seniors from around the state.
  • Sherwood Youth Football Camps: Two camps run by the Sherwood High School football coaches: 1) a non-contact camp for 3rd-6th graders; and 2) a contact camp for 7th and 8th graders.  Bowmen football players are expected to help with the camps. 
  • Bowmen Camp: This is a non-contact camp for all Sherwood High School football players.  There is a fee for camp.  Scholarships are available.  Wear shorts, t-shirts and cleats; bring water.
  • Daily Doubles: Doubles usually run 4-9pm with a dinner break around 6:30-7:15pm.  Most players eat and hang out in the stadium during the break.  Some parents bring their players food; other players bring a cooler with food/drinks.  The first 3 days are in helmet and shoulder pads only.  Shorts are ok; bring water.  Freshman doubles can be shorter, ending 8:00-8:30pm.
  • Bowmen Card Blitz: Players meet at the high school and then go door-to-door selling Bowmen Cards.
  • Red/White Scrimmage: This is like a jamboree but with no outside teams – we scrimmage ourselves.  There is no admission fee.  Freshman play first, followed by JV and Varsity.  The community is invited to attend to eat, socialize, and get a ‘sneak peak’ at our teams.  Concessions will consist of a family-style barbecue, with all proceeds benefiting Bowmen football.